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General information

Subtitle User Experience Design
Course number 401-000
Semester WiSe 2019/2020
Current number of participants 8
expected number of participants 25
Home institute AUW 6./7. Semester
participating institutes AUW (Bachelor Automobilwirtschaft - Automotive Business), ERM (Bachelor Energie- und Ressourcenmanagement), ERM 6/7. Semester, GTM (Bachelor Gesundheits- und Tourismusmanagement), GTM 6./7. Semester, IMMOB (Bachelor Immobilienwirtschaft), IMMOB 6/7. Semester, NPM (Bachelor Nachhaltiges Produktmanagement), NPM 6./7. Semester, SUM 3. Semester, SUM 4. Semester, WR (Bachelor Wirtschaftsrecht LL.B.), WR 6. Semester, WR 7. Semester, ZO Studium Generale
Courses type Freiwillig in category Teaching
First date Tue , 08.10.2019 14:00 - 17:15, Room: Pa4 503 (40)
Type/Form Application-oriented
ECTS points 8

Fields of study


The emergence and proliferation of digitisation and networked technologies have a profound impact on how we work, learn, live, and do business. Arguably, we are undergoing a range of cultural transformations that require individuals (and organisations alike) to challenge their status quo, experiment often, and get somewhat comfortable with the emergence and ongoing development of digitally mediated practices.

In this course we are exploring and building up “skillsets, toolsets and mindsets” for working and collaborating within an increasingly networked society. We do this from a conceptual and from a decidedly practical perspective that allows for in-depth project work in various areas of interest and application.

Our main interest in this semester is a range of methods and concepts that are often labeled as “User Experience Design” (UX). The field of User Experience Design is a conceptual design discipline. It focuses on the interaction between human users/actors, machines & devices, (user-)interfaces, and the contextual environments of particular human activities. With the proliferation of networked devices in the workplace and all-day life, user experience has become an increasingly significant concern for the design of products, services, (user) interfaces, and so forth. UX Design is a multi-disciplinary field and includes elements of interaction design, information architecture, user research, applied psychology, and other disciplines. It is thus accessible for students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds who want to develop their personal competencies for working within the unfolding “digital transformation”.

• what is User Experience Design (UX)?
• selected methods and tools for User Experience Design and User Research
• concepts of applied psychology in UX
• the role of User Experience Design for business innovation
• the rise of the Experience Economy

Kick-off dates, “face-to-face” sessions, and location:
• Kick-off on Tuesday 08.10. 2019 | 14:00-17:15
73312 Geislingen | Parkstraße 4 | Pa4 | Room 503
• 8 regular “face-to-face” sessions on the following Tuesdays (14:00-17:15):
08.10., 29.10., 05.11., 12.11., 03.12., 10.12., 14.01., 21.01.
• 1 design workshop (together with the Nürtingen group of students) on Friday 29.11. | 09:45-17:15
Place and room to be announced

Workload: This is an ECTS 8 course. The overall workload is 200 hours and is comprised of the participation in 8 face-to-face sessions (14:00-17:15), one joint design workshop, active participation in weekly online activities/sessions, and self-directed project work.
Type of course: Application-oriented
Examination: Project Report (Studienarbeit)
Number of participants: 25
Registration: until Monday 07.10.2019 via NEO
Contact: sebastian.fiedler@hfwu.de

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